Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Jewel In Worship

My job has many aspects...meaning, I fill several pairs of shoes. My main job, however, is preparing for our Sunday morning service and then making sure it all runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Concerning Sunday morning, our main objective is to reveal Christ...pure and simple. We do this in various ways but the main staple is music.
Working on the worship team is probably one of the most rewarding and bittersweet things I do. It's bittersweet because when you are facing the audience, its sometimes not an easy thing to not notice the disinterest or apathy. I know there are some people who just do not like to sing but there's a difference between that and someone who is obviously waiting for the singing to be over. In our church, for the most part, the people are very supportive and encouraging to our worship team....which is so appreciated. And every now and then, God sends me a little "jewel" that blesses me almost more than I can express. Such was the case this morning. We were well into our first song, when I looked up from the keyboard and saw an elderly woman...she had to be somewhere between her late 70's to early 80's and there she stood singing, her hands raised in worship, and on her face was the countance of a woman who was in the presence of God. I'm moved to tears even now as I descibe this scene. She was absolutely pure, innocent, unashamed, and beautiful in her worship. She profoundly blessed me today and she doesn't even know it! (Which is a whole other lesson in itself!)
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of music and the wonder of worship!!


Paul Sr. said...

I remember Mary Nystrom , who wrote As the Deer, told me that I could focus on God or on the people who just didn't get it but that as a Worship leader, I couldn't focus on both.
That was really transforming for me. From then on I have always sung for an audience of one...and it's made all the difference.
Great post.

Paul Sr. said...

I meant "Marty". I'm pretty sure he wouldn't cotton to being called "Mary"