Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The BIG Day

So Saturday is the big day...moving day. Amy will officially be out on her own!
To be honest, it won't be too different around our house. The last several weeks she's been staying with a friend who has cancer and is undergoing chemo. But, this seems a little more permanent. I mean, she'll have her OWN address!! She's ready to spread her wings. I don't blame her. I was excited when it was my turn and oh boy, the life lessons she's gonna learn!!
She doesn't have a whole lot to set up house with. Some of my friends have been so kind and generous to her. But that's all part of the excitement of setting up house.
So here we go...and to think I thought they changed so much when they were little!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

when did my Amy grow up?????
Love, Mom