Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Power Scrubbing

No, this isn't me but it is almost a picture of what I've been like this week! A couple of headache-free weeks have resulted in a burst of energy that I have channeled into cleaning my house. I have scrubbed, dusted, swept, purged, tossed, washed, mopped, and purged some more! I've been on a roll with getting rid of stuff. The more I throw away, the more I want to get rid of. It's been so liberating! I am sore. I have used muscles that I haven't used for a long time and they are crying out tonight. But I am relaxing on a freshly made bed with fresh sheets and feeling not one ounce of guilt over chores that need to be done. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!


Betsy said...

I need that cleaning bug to come over here and bite me! LOL There are lots of things to do but I don't seem to be inspired to get unlike me, too. Maybe it's summer and the triplets being home to occupy my time more. Hopefully when school starts I'll feel the need to clean and refresh!

nannykim said...

I so want to do more purging takes time and it is so hard to decide what to get rid of!!! I have been helping my in-laws with their stuff. But I need to eventually make some progress on mine. I did a bunch of purging a while ago. But I know I should beable to get rid of more...or at least organize it better!!