Monday, July 28, 2008

Joy Comes In The Morning

I was thinking of my oldest daughter, Amy, this morning. She's going through a period of grief. All the hopes and dreams and plans she had for her future have dramatically changed and she's mourning the loss. I can't help but think of a passage of Scripture from Psalm 30, verse 5. "...weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning." A good friend said to me yesterday, "Little children - little problems. Big children - big problems. Little children - little hurts. Big children - big hurts." She's hurting and I can't kiss away this pain like I could a scraped knee. All I can do is to continue to be there for her, to let her know that she is loved, to keep pointing her to Christ, and to let her know that because of the hope we have in Christ, joy WILL come!


nannykim said...

Oh, I am so saddened by what your daughter is going through. My husband has been re-reading an an old puritan book by John Flavel called "The Mystery of Providence. This is a really good thing to meditate on. When what we want does not come to pass, it is good to trust in God's wisdom for our lives. I was not able to go up and help my daughter, as planned, this week, because I came down with a bad sore throat and didn't want to expose them. I know God has his reasons and I can't lean on my own understanding. I think that is the main thing that gives us patience when we don't get what we want--God knows best and his will is good.

onthecreek said...

I'm praying for your daughter and for you. It's hard parenting as they get older. We've been through some hard times and they do come to pass and by then other things come along. It's all part of life. God promises to be with us and not forsake us but He dosen't promise that it will be easy. He gives us grace as we need it and helps us grow stornger. As the old saying goes "what doens't kill you makes you stronger".
Take care and TRUST HIM.

John said...

Rebecca, thanks for commenting for my giveaway!

Oh, and someone very wise once told me, "It will all be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."