Friday, January 6, 2012

Final Scenes of Christmas

One final look at the holidays. I photographed some of my favorite items before I packed them away for another year. I missed posting this picture of myself & my daughters in the last post. They are beautiful girls inside and out!

My main tree

This little tree now houses all of our sports-themed ornaments.

The little angel on top once topped my grandma's tree.

I also have a collection of small trees. Found this one @ Goodwill and came across the mini bulbs @ Target & the mini snowmen @ a craft fair.

Another miniature tree...with some teeny-tiny ornaments

My "Jewel" tree - houses a collection of acrylic ornaments that Josh & Amy gave me one year for Christmas. Over the years I have added red and gold glittery bulbs. This tree was so beautiful this year.

One of the prizes in my Boyd's collection.

A gorgeous Santa found in an antique mall.

Found this pencil tree @ a local craft fair this past fall.

I LOVED the hand-crafted miniature ornaments on it.

A final picture of a pretty wreath hung in the large window in my dining room. Would have been beautiful with snow outside but it was not to be this year.

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