Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet & Greet

A really good friend of mine entered a drawing at out local Walmart store for a $25 gift card & a meet & greet with NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon. He is not a NASCAR fan but entered primarily for the gift card. He won and called me right away, knowing I'm a Jeff Gordon fan to tell me he won. A few days later when I saw him at church, he told me he was giving me his passes to meet Jeff Gordon. I was excited and nervous all week! Cliff & I were each able to bring one item to have signed. I brought a car for a friend and a book that we own.

He came over to where we were all waiting and it was like I was watching something on TV. Cliff & I went over to him when it was our turn and suddenly I became star-struck!! I told him we were big fans....and just so he knew we weren't just part-time....I said, "We're big, big fans!" It was all Cliff could do not to get hysterical. They had a photographer on-site who took these pictures. This was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done!

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