Monday, March 14, 2011

Jacob and His Amazing, Incredible Week

My post title is actually a take off from the book, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." But in Jacob's case it was the opposite. He had the week of his life (so far.)
It actually started right before his trip to Wichita. He FINALLY got a job offer. And to his surprise and delight, it was for a store he really likes and I'm sure will be be making purchases from in the future, The Gap!
The last Saturday of Feb. he has priviledged to take part in the Kansas All-State Honor Choir. Making this choir is not an easy task. Out of the thousands of 10th-12th grade students, only 150 are selected to this choir. He had to go through quite an audition process and this year it paid off. Jacob said he sang like he never sang before in this choir. We all drove over on Saturday to enjoy the amazing concert. They were that good. Josh met us there and it Cliff and I had a rare treat....dinner with all 4 of our kids!!
The following Satuday Jacob participated in the State Powerlifting Championships for 4-A schools. He worked extremely hard in the weeks leading up to this event, losing 10 pounds which put him in a lighter weight bracket. He lifted a total of 975 pounds!! He received 2nd place in "cling" (shown in the pictures below), lifting 275 pounds! He received 1st place in bench, lifting 290 pounds and Cliff said he didn't even break a sweat on that one! That total combined weight named him the State Champ in his division!

Each of these three events in Jacob's life had a common thread. He had to work and be diligent in all three areas. In Powerlifting, they are made aware that as freshmen they had to work up to their senior year. Most kids go to meets and never medal. It's all about personal goals and doing your best personally and scoring points for the team. Jacob worked hard at this for the past 4 years and I'm thrilled he saw results. It was the same with the Honor Choir. It is HARD to make this choir. He determined last year to do the work it took to make the choir. The same thing with his job. He's been filling out job applications for at least 1 1/2 years. He's been discouraged but hasn't quit. I'm hoping he's picked up on all the life lessons that have come his way in just a week! Persistance.....Diligence.....Character.......Integrity........Not-Quitting even though it seems like you're getting no where. You can't pay for those kinds of lessons and you can't learn them from a book.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to his parents who have walked with him through these last years of High School and made sure he kept on track. You Rebecca & Cliff Good Job Love, Mom

Elizabeth said...

Can't believe little Jacob is so grown up. Sigh. Before we know it the twins will be married with children. What fathers they will make!! Isn't it so rewarding to see your children living out the lessons you hoped and prayed they were learning as they were growing up?