Thursday, November 25, 2010

26 Years and Counting

26 years ago, we said our vows and life began. It's been an interesting ride! God has been so good to us. He has kept us in situations where we have continually been surrounded by good friends and family who in one way or another have helped us, encouraged us, given our cars jumps, babysat, listened to us cry, pushed us to try again or to keep going.
I'm guessing I know most of you who read this blog and I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you. You are so special to Cliff & I.
After 26 years, sometimes the romance fades a bit. It's not all Cupid, flowers, and candle-lit
dinners. But thats a good thing...because in its place is a love that runs so much deeper. Something that doesn't needs words most of the time. We just know we are there for eachother. I know that he will make his coffee and pack his lunch every night, get in his truck and drive 40 minutes to drive all night to support our family. I know that he'll support our kids and be there for them anyway he can. I know he'd also do anything for my mom and dad or any member of my family.
He knows that every morning I'll get up and make sure his two kids who still live at home will be taken to school. He knows that there will be food in the fridge & coffee to put in his coffee pot. There will be clean clothes in his closet and things at home will be taken care of. He knows that his children will be well cared for and I'd do anything for his mom or any member of his family.
Comfort, Security, Trust and Love. That's what we have...and its good.

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