Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wings To Fly

After almost 4 months of summer at home, the day quickly came for Josh to load up his belongings and head back to school for his 5th and final year.

During this summer, Amy moved out into her own apartment which mean that once Josh pulled out of the driveway, it is the first time that my household is down to two kids.

Even though Josh has been away from home now for almost 5 years, the good-byes DO NOT get any easier...and in fact, the longer they are home, the harder the good-bye. I did not want to cry when he left but it was inevitable. I miss both he and Amy's presence in my daily life. And over this weekend, I decided that giving my kids the wings to fly was by far, the hardest/most rewarding/scariest thing I have to do as a mom. I look at Josh and I know that if I tried to hold onto him I would stifle him. He's been back to school not even a week and already has had some great experiences he wouldn't get here.

I read somewhere this week that, "Children are like dragonflies. They are born and grow up in the water. They fly away once grown, only to return for a brief moment. Sometimes touching the water, but never staying long. Chilren are gifts that parents only have for a brief time." Josh definately touched the water this summer.

My two younger kids started high school this week. Jacob is a senior and very soon it will be his turn to fly. Am I ready? No. Is any parent ever really ready?


Elizabeth said...

Nice picture of all your big kids. Can't believe they went and grew up on us. :(

Anonymous said...

Well that was a hard post to reado I miss them too. Love, Mom