Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Most Beautiful Wedding

In his senior year of high school, Josh met a foreign exchange student from Germany named, Simon. The family that Simon was living with had a son named, Will. Will, Simon, and Josh became fast friends and senior year found Josh all but living over at Will's house.
Will's parents, Bill & Robin, were great. They treated Josh just like he were a member of the family. They also have another son, Rob, who is in the same grade as Jacob and before long, our two families had forged a lifetime-friendship.
Over the course of the last year, Will met, courted, and asked a lovely young lady, Dani, to marry him. They are a great couple who give their lives away to help others in the name of Christ.
Will and Dani chose for their wedding location, the summer camp for inner-city kids where they met. Up on the hill is a large cross that overlooks a valley...GORGEOUS! It was probably the most stunning backdrop for a wedding I've ever seen.
Robin & Josh
Will & Dani

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