Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes It's Hard

My sister, Elizabeth, and I have lived no less than 16 hours apart since we moved to Kansas 13 1/2 years ago. For the most part, life and time take over and you get used to the distance and you get on with your life. That doesn't mean I like it, it just means I'm used to it. But there are the days when I really get to missing my sister (who lives in Georgia) and my brother (who lives in Florida) and at these times I wish I could go have lunch with either of them or go see a movie or just hang out and talk.
Monday, July 5, is my sister's 44th birthday (yes, I'm telling her age because she would have NO PROBLEM sharing mine). On Tuesday, July 6, she will be giving birth to her 7th child. It's times like these when I really don't like the distance at all. In a way, I almost ache to be near her. I would be with her and support her as much as possible in the hospital if I could. I'd love on her precious new baby girl like the proud, doting aunt that I'd like to be. Yep, this one's a hard one. So Elizabeth, I know you'll read this at some point. Know that Tuesday you will be in my constant thought and prayers. I LOVE our bond of sisterhood!!!!! I love you!!


Anonymous said...

ok girls now I am in tears. Nothing like your Mom and Sisters. Love Mom

Elizabeth said...

No fair getting all sentimental on me when I'm nine months prego!! I feel the same way. Most days I can handle the distance but there are sometimes It gets me. This is one of those times. sigh.

Rebecca said...

Sorry...its what was on my mind!!