Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughts On A New Year

It has been a flurry of activity around here the past few weeks. Next week I'll post pics and thoughts of the holidays.
A personal goal I have set for myself in this new year is to add value whenever possible to others. Authentic value. Value that doesn't ask for anything in return. Letting them know they did a good job, or they look great, or their food was delicious, or however I can. So many people hear negative feedback. Receiving a positive word can change your entire day....even your entire outlook. I know what it means to me!
As I write this tonight, a young girl in our church is passing from this world into the Savior's arms. She will leave behind 3 very young children. Its a stark reminder to constantly let the ones closest to us how much we love and appreciate them. For some reason, giving value to those we live with can often be the hardest. Hold the people you love close and let them know you love them.
Happy New Year. May you blessed with an Amazing 2010!!


Anonymous said...

Very well written Rebecca, you are very valuable to me, as well as all my children & grandchildren. I am blessed
Love, Mom

Paul Sr. said...

I think you're already putting it into practice as evidenced by our discussion at Kentucky fried chicken. I really appreciated that & it did encourage me to hear that affirmation.