Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventures of a November Bride: Lost Paycheck

Fast-forward this bride 10 years or so. We were living in Clearwater, FL and we had 2, possible 3 kids at the time. My November groom was working in Tampa and driving to his workplace involved a gorgeous scenic drive over and along the coastal waterway. For some reason, I met Cliff at his place of employment and had posession of his paycheck. I must have been going to deposit it. Now FL weather being what it is, it was hot this day and of course, the air-conditioning in the car wasn't working so we had the windows down. I was just driving along this waterway with the kids, enjoying the breeze off the ocean when I saw his paycheck, that I had tucked under the driver's side visor fly out the window. I pulled over and walked along the grassy beach looking for that check. I did NOT want to tell my groom I had lost it. I finally had to give up and face the music.
The kids and I drove back to his job site. He came driving in at quitting time and I confessed. I thought maybe he could get issued another check but he wasn't even about to ask his non-sympathetic boss. We drove back to the location where I thought/hoped I remembered it flying out the window and we began the tedious process of him walking along and me driving the car to stay with him. After 45 minutes of searching and intense prayer, wouldn't you know he found that paycheck and we went on our relieved and merry way!!

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