Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick Again!!

In the past month, I think I felt like myself a total of three days!! I had to make another trip back to the dr. this week. Cough and cold symptoms still lingered and Tuesday when I woke up, I felt "sick." Found out I was running a fever again, had another nice sinus infection and two very nice ear infections. To say I can hardly hear anything is to put it mildly!!
I'm on steriods and some heavy-duty antibiotics that are hard on my stomach. I feel terrible, can't hear and feel generally irritable because I've been sick for a month!!
Tomorrow will be a good day. Church in the morning which always helps to improve my frame of mind.
Then the BIG Race!! Daytona 500! We're heading to some friends to have a party after church. I don't care if I can hear it or not!! It will be a great time with great people!!

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