Tuesday, September 22, 2009

**This post was written last Friday, September 18. After several failed attempts to get it posted, I gave up and decided to wait a few days and try again.**

A certain young lady (who also happens to be the baby) turned 14 last Friday! I keep thinking there's just no way that my baby girl is 14!! She has turned into such a cool young lady and a very good young lady, who is responsible and kind, and good, and funny and has been such a blessing to her mom...yep, she's been my buddy since the day she was born!!

Emily had developed a cold early last week and we also thought she was dealing with some allergies. By her birthday, she was complaining of ear pain. Poor kid. Who wants to spend their birthday at the doctor's?? I knew she had an ear infection and possibly bronchitis. What I was not expecting was a diagnosis of pneumonia. She left the office with strict instructions to basically do nothing for most of the week so that her lungs would heal. Meanwhile, we had a party planned for her Sunday evening so we kept it rather low key. I felt so sorry for her I would have bought her anything she asked for!! She went back to school yesterday and is feeling 100% better.

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