Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Feeling

Today it is COLD with blowing snow! This kind of weather makes me feel so Christmasy! (is that a word?) I think we finally got the house decorated. It took a bit longer this year because I've changed so much around. It was a fun challenge, though.
This is the hutch in my kitchen. All decorated with treasures...a few new ones but some old and very treasured things too.
Sunday was the start of our "Christmas Concerts". With all the kids being in different schools, we make our rounds to attend all their concerts. This year we have three on the calendar. Josh's was Sunday...a Christmas celebration entirely in German. Un
fortunately we had to miss it thanks to a back/hip problem I've been experiencing. Tonight is Emily's and next week is Jacob's. They are always alot of fun and have always been a part of our Christmas experience.

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nannykim said...

Very cute. hmm, I can't remember about your back hip problem. I had trouble for quite a few years and it took the doctors (many of them) forever to figure out it was my SI Joint!!!